People who suffer from allergies, and chronic diseases such as bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis or atopic dermatitis, know that their disease symptoms are amplified in the three cases. Air Purifier for Allergy Firstly, the culprit may be exacerbation of pollen that causes people allergic immune response. Secondly, it could be a household dust, which contains various parasites, various microorganisms, dust mites, and in some cases even chemical contaminants. And the third reason, which can be a source of allergens - is the presence of pets. It often happens that the allergy can occur even when a beloved pet is in the house a long time ago. That is why air purifiers for allergy sufferers is so important.

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Household air purifiers are devices that are used to clean the air of allergens and other elements by means of sweep it through the filtering system. The user can adjust the intensity of the purge switch is on. In some models, used to adjust the modern remote controls. Also, many modern cleaners are equipped with a special automatic system that independently regulates the intensity of the purge on the basis of air pollution. Air Purifier for Home Cleaners reviews shall be established mainly on the floor, but not eliminated, and installation on a stable surface such as a window sill, tables, cabinets and other interior items. There are options to be mounted on the wall. Air purification degree directly dependent on the specifications of the device, as well as filter elements mounted therein.

It should be noted that low-cost purifiers can only filter out dirt, while the more sophisticated and expensive models can neutralize odors and pollen. So if you need an air purifier for allergy sufferers, it is necessary to count on substantial financial costs.

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Typically, a filtering system cleaners has from 2 to 5 steps. Then use filters based on activated carbon, HEPA-filters, photocatalytic and electrostatic precipitators. HEPA-filter is based on fiber glass. These elements can successfully cope with dirt. These include the poplar fluff, animal dander, pollen, etc. They are used in household rooms and medical facilities in buildings. Filters based on activated carbon, can suppress odors. HEPA-filter more fine purification of air can provide an electrostatic filter. Its principle of operation is based on the passage of the air flow through a positively charged grid. After that, the negatively charged electrode deposited resin particles of dust and smoke.

The most effective is by far the photocatalytic filter. In such a filter organic impurities do not accumulate. They are decomposed into harmless components under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. It should be noted that such a filter is 500 times more efficient than the activated carbon filters. Therefore, air purifiers for allergy sufferers based photocatalytic filters are the most effective.

If you set yourself the task to significantly reduce the amount of allergens in the air and generally make indoor air cleaner and healthier, then look at the model of the German air purifier Smower Multi Action. all the filters are present in its cleaning system:

ionizer and UV lamp.
This model is very well established in the market, and very often it is recommended to allergy sufferers.